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the man in the moon – the space-style clothing brand

a project by
Helen Brose

We’ve got a new brand!
»The man in the moon« is the ultimate new clothing brand. It offers an alternative to basic shirts and mainstream fashion. »The man in the moon« combines bizarre motives on shirts and bags with an urban style. »The-man-in-the-moon«-clothes are sold through an online shop. The illustrations are printed on shirts and bags. Every buyer receives a unique piece of clothing, as each item is printed for them only after purchasing. All motives are applied to the clothing by silk-screen printing. Einstein once said: »Life is nothing without a dash of madness«. Simultaneously, he was questioning and analyzing the universe. I think that at some point we all have to ask ourselves about our existence. To sum it up, this is the question upon which »The man in the moon« is based.

If you have any questions, suggestions or if you are interested in the products, please use the listed contact details or contact me via via Instagram or directly via the Shop.