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a project by
Anika Ludwigs

From Discovery to Resistance

Over the past few years, the interest to develop and research new antibiotics has decreased, although the occurrence of multi-resistant germs is steadily increasing. With my bachelor thesis I would like to address this problem and draw attention to the topics of antibiotics, antibiotic deficiency and antibiotic resistance in order to inform and sensitize the readers. The visualization and editing of this topic caught my interest as both a patient and as a communication designer. As I had already dealt with communications and informational design during my studies, it was my goal to apply all my gained knowledge and skills to the final bachelor thesis. Therefore I developed and designed a scientifically based information magazine. To ensure the magazine wouldn’t seem too demure but entertaining instead, four illustrated bacteria accompany the readers throughout the magazine. The printed product can be displayed in hospitals, medical practices or pharmacies, for example.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who helped me with advice and support during my studies and in particular during the Bachelor's semester.