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a project by
Sabeth Niemann

Concept for the material sample collection of the Library of Architecture, Design and Art

In between the teaching buildings of the Leonardo Campus there is a department library for architecture, design and art. This library not only stores a number of inspiring books, but also a collection of material samples that is constantly being expanded by the staff and donors. In the context of my bachelor thesis I developed a concept for this collection that shows how the materials can be presented best at the library and how the collection can be communicated to the outside world – also digitally. My goal is to give students of all three departments as well as those who are interested the opportunity to learn more about the diversity of these materials. Therefore, an important part of my design concept is to display the material samples in an accessible and open way. For this purpose, the system is designed to be easily expandable and to accommodate the most diverse types of material samples. As a result, the conscious use of materials is encouraged and knowledge made more accessible.