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a project by
Maike Klein

My film »BODIES« is about Body Positivity. A variety of people share past and present experiences regarding their appearance, as well as their unloved and most loved body parts. They talk about how their perception of their own body has changed over time and how they have come to love themselves. Different parts of their body, supposedly imperfect parts, are shown in order to point out that exactly these »mistakes« make people unique, beautiful and perfect in their own kind of way.

This project is very important to me, as I struggled with a poor self-perception and too little self-esteem for a long time. Especially through the pressure that the media puts on us.

That’s why I aim to encourage, inspire and motivate people with my film. The viewer should be reminded that he or she is not the only one dealing with inner pressure and a negative self-image. I do hope the film will inspire people to accept and love themselves, even if they do not meet the beauty ideals society imposes on us. I strongly believe that no one should be ashamed of their body. Instead, we all should be proud of it, regardless of what it looks like. Each and every person is perfect.


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