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the great majority of the people have chosen me

a project by
Wiebke Haßelder

Appeasing statements such as »Berlin is not Weimar« imply that one need not worry about anti-democratic developments because this comparison is apparently impossible to make. This winged statement and the folkish nationalist tendencies, which are claiming their place within society more and more loudly, were the impetus for this project. This work is structured into two alternating versions. On the one hand, it shows how the protagonist Elsa lives through her everyday life in the 1920s and in what way the media, society and her immediate surroundings influence her. On the other hand, it is shown how the same Elsa lives 100 years later, in other words in the present day, and how everyday life is organised there. This comparison intends to show parallels and to encourage us to think more seriously about the developments in our society – regardless of the fact that we do not experience an exact reflection of history.


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