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cabin fever – 91 days covid-19

a project by
Janina Kamps

Editorial Design – Magazine Design

Haven’t we all had cabin fever at one point? At least since the 2020 lockdown, when the corona pandemic brought public life as we knew it to a standstill. In my bachelors thesis, I summarize 91 days of the pandemic, its development, our actions, the measures to combat it and much more. It is intended to be a testimony to this unique, unprecedented and frightening crisis. Through the structure and the chosen design, the reader should be given a bit more understanding of this time. Up to now it was a monotonous, in between loud, quiet, colourful, grey, fluctuating and undefined time. Every day brought some changes, new measures and prohibitions. All of this is to be taken up united in my magazine. It should appeal to both current and future generations of readers interested in design and history. Covid-19 is a phase that will go down in the history books of the world, and it is precisely in this phase that my bachelors thesis was written. See for yourself – without a mask!