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the auditory canal

a project by
Johanna Overkamp

Acoustically through the Year of the Bat

Light and darkness. Day and night. At twilight, we meet. The bat may often appear so close to us, yet it lives in a world that we as humans can hardly imagine. 

I am developing an exhibition about the bat for the »Biologische Zentrum Kreis Coesfeld« (Coesfelds Biological Centre). On the spacious grounds of the environmental education centre you can find a tunnel inhabited by bats to hibernate from November to February. For the rest of the year the tunnel remains empty. Now an exhibition is being planned to tell the story of a bats year. 

The visitors can discover the dark corridors of the bat tunnel. With the help of research equipment, as UV flashlight, they can illuminate the illustrations on the walls, ceiling and floor they are surrounded by. As they walk through the tunnel, sound tracks are activated, narrating the different stages in the year of a bat and illustrating these audibly through sounds. 


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Finally it is done and it is time to say thank you. Many thanks to Christiane for proofreading, Lorenz for rendering, Vitus, Helmut and Anna for the Blender support, Martin for all the information about the bat, Axel for reading it in and of course the Biological Center for entering this cooperation with me and doing such important and great work.