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a project by
Joana Forster

A guide to digital (false) information

Fake news are spread with a 70% higher probability than true news. This is the result of a study conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In times of fake news, conspiracy theories or social bots it is increasingly difficult to distinguish between facts and fakes. The question »How can I use media to gain access to new skills and knowledge in the best possible way?« gets more important. One answer to this question is the concept of media competence.

»FAKTUM« can be used to train your own media competence in dealing with online news consumption. By means of professional theories and practical applications, information is provided about the processes and problems of the digital news market and, in addition, guidance is provided on how to deal with information. 

Are you interested in purchasing a copy? Please feel free to contact me using my contact details in the tab »person«.