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a project by
Karoline Martin

A hearing filter as a social thought experiment

»Focus« is a hearing filter designed to detect and mute specific topics, people and words on top of general background noise. An individual adaptation of the auditory environment is made possible and ensures concentration and optimization of one’s reality. Constant wearing, new technologies and materials make the use of »Focus« comfortable and easy for your everyday life. New filter settings can be added and adjusted at any time – simply by using specific thoughts that are recognized and translated by the device. The quick implementation of individual decisions enables spontaneous redesign and responding to the direct environment. Would you like to use »Focus«? With my project I would like to invite the viewer to think about social structures. What are the main priorities for using such technologies? How would it change our life if no one had to listen anymore? Would power structures strengthen or would everyone profit equally? Feel free to send me your thoughts on this topic by mail!


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