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a project by
Jan Kowalzik

A creative work process relies on many factors. For instance, the surrounding environment has a significant influence on our productivity and physical well-being: Colours, shapes, acoustics, the space and people around us have a lasting effect on our thoughts and actions.

However, these days as work and private life merge increasingly, it becomes harder to work productively and stay focused on projects over a long period of time. To meet the needs and wishes of young designers, regardless of whether they study art, design or anything else, I intend to develop an analogue coworking space.

This space will offer workshops on poster design, creative writing and alternative concepts, that are affordable and easily accessible. This way diverse perspectives on design can be shared and inspire each other, different materials and tools can be tried and new contacts can be made.

My project will be presented to the public - Open Space from 17.08. to 18.08.2020. If you are interested to see my Bachelor project live, please send me an email to with the information at which time you can come by. I will contact you if this time is still available and you will get more information about the event. I am already looking forward to seeing you.