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best benefits basic income

a project by
Daphne Braun

The information platform »best benefits basic income« invites people to rethink our society. Do we need to fundamentally rethink the concept of work? Should we measure the productivity of people based on how much money they earn? Do sustainability, slowing down and an unconditional basic income go together? How important is the appreciation and promotion of intellectual resources?
Some of our modern minds are convinced: the humanistic ideals of the Enlightenment, which were first manifested in the French Revolution and still form the foundation of our European identity today, will only be achieved through basic income. Consequently, is basic income a new human right?

My website opens different perspectives on this debate – philosophical, historical, economic. The main ideas of various opinion leaders can be experienced in an orderly manner. It is my goal to stimulate a brave discussion, to break with outdated thinking, and to provide an insight into the current state of affairs. The aim is to stimulate a courageous discussion, to overcome outdated thinking patterns and to point out the transformational forces that could have an impact on society through the unconditional basic income.


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I would especially like to thank my parents, who always supported me and whose creative upbringing shaped me. My sister Jade, who inspires me with her power and unconventional thinking. As well as Nora and Marlin – and Christiaan, with whom I discovered the topic of basic income seven years ago and caught fire for it.