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a project by
Oliver Ricker

Create it yourself!

»Koblo« is a toy consisting of modular blocks with which all kinds of animals can be created by putting them together.

However, blocks themselves do not allow for much representation, so how should you create animals? For this purpose, the blocks are provided with slots and holes through which all kinds of household and natural objects can be added. A few pens for the legs, stick horns and ears made of leaves – the possibilities are endless.

If an element does not hold as it should, or if something does not quite fit, then simply use rubber bands, adhesive strips or similar. »Koblo« encourages not to avoid problems, but to actively search for solutions. The process of developing an animal and building it up is more complex than it may first seem. To plan how elements are combined and put together, to face up to problem solutions and to design the animal individually according to one’s own ideas is a playful way to stimulate the imagination. The big question with »Koblo« is: Which animal do I want to play with today?

Thanks for the great time at MSD :)