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a project by
Lena Symanzik

A Party Game on How to Form an Opinion

In analogous discussions relationships can be strengthened and grow. One can learn together and from each other. This not only promotes the formation of one’s own opinion, but also strengthens empathy and a sense of responsibility – and this is exactly what our democracy needs so urgently.

The »kopfüber« boxes help you to talk about relevant topics in your circle of friends or family. Whether it’s discrimination, the climate crisis or politics: socio-political topics are rarely what you casually let flow into the conversation when you’re sitting comfortably together. But it is precisely through the exchange with people close to us that we can learn a lot and open up new perspectives on a topic.

So take some time, talk about the prepared questions and play short games all around a topic. By dialogue at eye level you give yourself the opportunity to learn something new, to understand each other better and to find a way of dealing with difficult topics together or even to become active yourself.

On Instagram you can find more information about the game and the development process (@november_design).