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a project by
Franziska Prior

Light influences the human biorhythm through light colour and intensity. Thus, lighting based on the course of daylight can support the natural biorhythm and contribute to greater well-being. Healthy lighting is particularly important for elderly people and those in need of care. Due to decreasing mobility, less time is often spent in daylight.

»Linda« combines light control and night light in an haptically pleasing everyday helper. During the day, the lighting in the room can be adjusted to your own needs. Optical and haptic contrasts allow for comfortable control. In the evening, »Linda« helps to fall asleep and provides orientation with the night light function. 

In combination with planar, glare-free and powerful LED luminaires, »Linda« not only contributes to an atmospheric and biological lighting effect, but also allows for more safety of movement in the room. »Linda« provides the right light in every situation.

This work has been developed in cooperation with the company TRILUX GmbH & Co. KG.