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litfilms – staging in public place

a project by
Lisa Schirmacher

Analogue and Digital Communication of a Festival

Cultural sites offer space for exchange and discussion in a society. They encourage active thinking and questioning.  This is an ideal opportunity for me as a designer to communicate socially relevant content and encourage thinking processes. Due to the increasing digitalization in everyday life, everything is becoming more networked. Perhaps this is precisely what is creating an opposite trend that makes the desire for a more conscious experience of our environment tangible.

My project fills the corporate design of the »Literatur Film Festival Münster« with life. The strategic symbiosis of analogue and digital media promotes perception across all channels.

The aim is to encourage exchange and discussion and to draw public attention to the new festival that is being created this year. While the website presents the contents clearly, the projection opens up a space in between, stimulating initial reflection on the connection between literature and film. Discussion and exchange will take place on social media and at the festival itself.

Thanks to the litfilms team for the great cooperation and an exciting project. It was a great opportunity for me to design a real festival from the first logo design to posters (before the bachelor) and the social media concept including website and projection in the urban space. Since everything is in its final stages at the moment, I am curious what will be implemented and developed in the next few weeks.