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a project by
Judith Einck-Roßkamp

Your digital companion for finding the best possible migraine therapy

Approximately 8,000,000 people in Germany suffer from migraine and the number of diagnoses continues to increase every year. Those affected are often not able to work or participate in social life during an attack. Due to severe hemiplegic headaches, as well as unpleasant and irritating accompanying symptoms, even everyday trivialities turn into torture. The quality of life of those affected suffers enormously. So far there is no cure.

In response to the question of how I can help in my role as a designer, I conceived and designed an app to help sufferers to better understand and accept their illness. Among other things, »mindcare« helps users to find out about the disease in general, to narrow down possible triggers for migraine attacks and to prevent attacks through relaxation and endurance exercises. During the implementation, I was particularly interested in the target group-oriented design and the creation of an overall positive mood through the colour scheme, tonality and illustration style.