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neue haptik

a project by
Jenni Kemper

Among other things, philosophy is concerned with the pursuit of knowledge about the meaning of life, the character of the world and the position of human beings in the world. All this is deeply rooted in human nature, yet it often seems very abstract and difficult to grasp.

»Neue Haptik« is a digital magazine that takes up selected philosophical texts and interactively illustrates their contents. In doing so, the issues dealt with are extended by an immersive level and thus a digital experience is created. »Neue Haptik« aims to make its contents more accessible and to convey a deeper understanding. The interaction merges with the text and thus creates more attention while reading. A new haptic is generated in the digital space, as the core of the philosophical discussions can be decoded by the users in a multi-sensory way. »Neue Haptik« intends to create an incentive to look at everyday things from a philosophical perspective and at the same time to present a new approach to digital reception.

Henning Tietz & Rüdiger Quass von Deyen
Finn Vormann, Jonas Fürste, Alice Stegmann, Konrad Hohner, Hannah Hechinger, Fabian Dörfler, Steffen Bauer, Roman Busche, Elena Huber, Nelly Nakahara, Lennart Lofink, Felix Terbrack, Leonhard Laupichler, Tommi Sharp, Hanna Valtmann, Jörg Phil Friedrich, Luk&Fil, Mintellity, Hohe Luft Magazin, Fluter Magazin