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a project by
Veronica Broll &
Lara Dorow Cristobal &
Nora Richter

A Digital Exhibition about Work Culture and Generations

A masters thesis on the topic of work culture? Many associate the term »work« alone with effort and overtime. In fact, only 16 percent of all employees are happy in their jobs and the term »burnout« is on everyone’s lips.

Where and above all how do we want to work? These are questions that not only design graduates ask themselves. New generations are entering the job market and questioning previous concepts and approaches. At the moment, four generations are sharing the same job market, who could not work and think more differently. Different opinions, points of view and expectations meet each other.

Work culture shapes our everyday office life, defines our living together and is often highly emotional. But tensions and conflicts are also enriching and valuable. The discourse is invigorating and offers the chance to further development.

The topic of work culture is complex and certainly no medium can do justice to the far-reaching changes in the world of work. But an exhibition can give an impetus. An impetus, that makes it possible to learn, discuss and think about it.