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pick me up – a flexible childcare system

a project by
Luca Carlotta Leifer

Days off school or unexpected canceled classes often challenge parents to find suitable care for their children. If no short-term care can be found, digital media is a common solution. According to their own statements, more than two thirds of all six to 13-year-olds are Internet users (KIM Study 2018). Real encounters tend to become less frequent, as nowadays they rather meet online. To offer children and parents a useful alternative, I have developed »Pick Me Up«. »Pick Me Up« is an app that enables children of working and/or single parents to organize their free time with attractive activities that are bookable at short notice. It provides a platform for parents to choose different afternoon trips for and with their children. »Pick Me Up« offers a flexible and short-term way of childcare making it a safe and reliable helper.

Fun, safety and flexibility – that is »Pick Me Up«.