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a project by
Annelie Richter

Mindfulness throughout the Work Day

In everyday working life and especially in stressful phases you forget to give yourself a break and to listen to the »inner me«. With my project, I would like to take up exactly this point – be more mindful and pay more attention to yourself. The products are designed for different parts of the day, as a reminder to take the time to stay in balance in the long term. As it’s a basic instinct to drink, you reach for the drinking vessel several times a day. But what if this vessel consciously and subconsciously influences the act of drinking through gimmicks, haptic peculiarities, unusual materials and untypical movements, so that one contemplates? The products subconsciously influence our senses through their appearance and haptics. They give us new and unfamiliar stimuli that initially irritate or raise the question »What is different right now?« Thus a deep inner component is addressed, which strengthens the mindfulness of the »inner self« through stimuli. A subconscious, reflective discussion that was consciously created.