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twelve degrees

a project by
Joel Ernst

Light you want it

This product is for all those who do not follow the same path. It is for all those who do not like to tie themselves down. It’s for the spontaneous! 

»Twelve Degrees« is not just a living room lamp or a wall lamp in the hallway. It is also not just for the desk. It’s all that and more. It is flexible and adapts to your use. You can plug it in anywhere in your home. From there the lamp not only provides light but also electricity in its 5-meter radius . Because it holds another socket ready for you. So you don’t use up a slot and the lamp offers you what you need. No matter where you are in and around the house.

Whether it’s a reading session in bed, working in the last corner, meeting friends in the garden on a balmy summer’s night or maybe you just want to charge your laptop at the dining table. »Twelve Degrees« warps for you and turns from an inconspicuous everyday product into a special companion in the household.

If you are further interested in my product, please contact me by mail or phone. I am looking forward to it!

First of all, I would like to thank my first examiner Steffen Schulz and my second examiner Matthias Burhenne for their always constructive feedback. Special thanks also go to my fellow students: Jan, Franzi and Olli, as they, despite the difficult time, always provided for a lively exchange via video chat. Last but not least I would like to thank Alina and Elora, who helped me with their expertise in the field of photography when I was taking the product photos.