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bag_rest – a bag to lean on

a project by
Marie Leonie Henning

»bag_rest« supports users of rollators in their locomotion possibilities. Its development took its cue from the fact that a rollator should guarantee stability, both when walking and sitting.

To support this function, for one thing »bag_rest« is a bag in which all valuables find their place. »bag_rest« hangs higher than ordinary rollator bags, so that the wallet or mobile phone is immediately at hand while the rollator continues to serve as a support. On the other hand, »bag_rest« acts as a backrest, which is not integrated as standard in most rollators. It also has a padded and stabilised back for a comfortable seat and a handle that makes it easy to put the backrest in the right position.

In order to be able to take valuables with you when the rollator is put down, »bag_rest« can be unhooked and hung up easily. With these functions, »bag_rest« allows more flexibility in everyday life.


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