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a project by
Verena Möllers

How shame influences social interaction

Due to the increasing amount of mass media and the development of a virtual coexistence, shame is more current than ever. Why do we blush, start to sweat, make fun of other people and why is it so hard to talk about the issues that bother us? Most of these things are related to social constructs and values within social interaction. Shame limits us and our creativity and affects our ability to interact with other people more than we might think. This is why education and clarification is my primary goal. »bare« translates as »naked, exposed, free«. These characteristics refer to the creative and content-related communication of my work in dealing with this alleged off-limits topic. Within a bookazine I present different perspectives on important aspects and thereby provide an exciting insight into the diverse phenomena of shame and embarrassment, taking the first step towards an open dialogue.