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the generic feminine

a project by
Regine Schippers

Equality exists in our society already, doesn’t it? The answer to this question is quite complex. Legally, this might indeed be the case, but the everyday experiences of many people tell a different story. My work refers to the principles of the generic masculine. A phenomenon that in our todays society things we call gender-neutral are oftentimes based on the male perspective. The extent to which society is influenced by conservative role definitions and stereotypes, and how these affect social interaction and the system, may not be obvious to everyone – after all, we have been socialized like this. Yet, what would happen if the whole situation would be reversed? Would one understand just how bizarre it is to orient the whole system towards 50 percent of society? My animated project »The Generic Feminine« explores these and other questions in short episodes.


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Many thanks to my speakers Lena and Naemi and my brother Moritz for the sound design!