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frauenstraße 24

a project by
Felix Hetscher

On October 3, 1973, students occupied the house at Frauenstraße 24 in Münster in order to save it from demolition. A profitable new building was to be built on the same site, passing the needs of thousands of people looking for accommodation. On their own initiative, the residents transform the run-down old building into a home for people, art and politics. In the process, they encounter headwinds of a bureaucratic up to physical nature, expand the boundaries of the legal with those of the legitimate and, last but not least, experience a lot of solidarity.

By means of a comic, I tell the story of the almost ten-year-long struggle for the house and ask what remains of all this today. Affordable living space, self-governing cultural centres, defying the logic of capitalist exploitation: Are these old slogans, filed somewhere between ’68 and the fall of the wall? Many social problems from »back then« still exist. Is this a reason to finally come to terms with these conditions – or to desire to overcome them even more? And what if people feel alone with these questions as if they were left to their own devices?

A huge thank you to: the KulturVerein Frauenstraße 24 e.V. and the (former) residents of Frauenstraße 24 for the photos, flyers, newspaper clippings from »back then« and for the exciting conversations – to Felix Scheinberger for the not only professional but also cordial support – to all those who helped me out with their advice, criticism and support – and especially: to Sylvia and Jo.