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a project by
Malak Hariri

From the valley of Ferghana to the valley of Mecca

From the Valley of Ferghana to the valley of Mecca. Inspired by my grandfather’s diaries, this story takes us on the journey of young Yahya and his family who were forced to leave their home in Andijan when Maraxists took over Turkestan. This seven years journey started from east Europe and went through China and Tibet, to Kashmir and Karachi in Pakistan and finally over the Arabian sea to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. The story shows us the value of family and friendship, of bravery and brotherhood, of hope and the availability of finding and starting a new home.


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This book was originally written in Arabic by Fatima Khoja and then translated into english by Huda Khoja, so there are two versions. I am so thankful for your kindness and hard work. My husband Albaraa, Thank you for your patience, for taking care of the kids, and for the thousand cups of coffee you made me.
Thanks to Cornelia Haas und Elisabeth Schwarz for guiding me through the process of creating this project, your criticism will always be appreciated.