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a project by
Jule Hamm

Bio-waste can do more

The project deals with the topic of food waste with regard to the conscious disposal of organic waste. The composting process sometimes generates heat as a waste product, which is to be used in a provocative way: As a feel-good object. »Compfi« consists of a cushion with a plastic container into which the composting material is poured every day. From the moment it decomposes inside, »Compfi« can be used as a heat cushion, towel dryer, plate warmer or seat cushion. When the container is full, empty it or use the compost as fertiliser. The container can be cleaned in the dishwasher. »Compfi« is flexible and portable, so that it can be used anywhere and can also be taken to bed to keep warm.In order to avoid unpleasant odours released by the oxygen supply, these are filtered through an activated carbon filter. The product is attractive due to its interplay between waste and wellness object and gives waste a new value. This project combines already known and similar products and approaches in a new, futuristic context.