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the sound of crystals and lemons

a project by
Marie Bley &
Anna Milde

Insight into Human Perception

Everyone’s perception is unique. Through experiences, fellow human beings and the personal environment, everyone collects experiences that shape their own perception. Thus, not only the human beings go through a lifelong change, but also their perception. But what do we know about the process of perception and how does it look to others?

With our masters thesis, we want to shed light on the peculiarities and differences with regard to perceptual deviations. Differences in perception mean diversity and different perspectives which stimulate exchange and make it exciting. But they also mean that you have to be considerate of each other. With the help of an interactive exhibition concept, we would like to make three perceptual deviations perceptible to visitors: synesthesia, high sensitivity and agnosia.

As designers, we have the possibility to make the unimaginable visible. But most of all, we want to take away the power of the word »perception DISORDER« and encourage the visitors to experience their own perception more consciously and discover and celebrate the diversity of perception together with them.