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individual animal worlds

a project by
Henrike Kelsch

Insights into a research project

Whether we live in the city or high up on a mountain, lonely or in company, whether we travel or stay – life is diverse and brings the most diverse qualities and challenges with it. It’s no different with animals!

The biological Collaborative Research Centre of the Universities of Münster and Bielefeld takes a closer look at the individual ecological niches from animals of the most diverse species. But what exactly are the researchers interested in? How do they learn more about the very individual lives of individual animals? What questions do they ask themselves and what have they already found out?

My exhibition stations for the LWL Natural History Museum in Münster provide insights into the work of the research group and lead the visitor into previously unknown animal worlds by means of large illustrations. For example, you can learn about the different challenges that small sea bears have to face in their first year of life or why coniferous woods could change the lives of buzzard chicks. The exhibition in the museum is planned for next year.

I would like to thank Prof. Cordula Hesselbarth and Lisa Schwarz for their professional supervision of my bachelor project. I would also like to thank Ruth Jakobs for her exciting cooperation and for providing the scientific content. I am also particularly grateful to the many dear people who have encouraged and supported me in recent times.