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potentials of covid-19

a project by
Marcel Diedrich

What has changed for the better for you?

The global impact of the COVID 19 pandemic is enormous. It caused hundreds of thousands of deaths, a few million people were infected and almost the entire population had to struggle with being sealed off, social distancing and social isolation. While we have to deal with all this bad news, we should also consider the positive consequences. That is the reason why I have been thinking about the potential that this period could bring for us human beings. The initial idea of this project was to record current wishes and views. After all, during this special time one concentrates again on the essential things and recognizes is really important in life. Perhaps these findings can help us after the pandemic, to make the right decisions for our future. By means of a website, the project offers everyone the opportunity to answer questions about their current feelings. In addition to the results, a section with newly developed ideas how the potentials could be exploited for the future.