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a project by
Jan Dirk Breite

Your Piece of Furniture for Your Adventure 

»Möbil« is a piece of furniture that shows its strengths outside of your home. A piece for the spontaneous, unconventional and flexible adventurers that do not need a 4-star hotel for a weekend trip.
»Möbil« consists of a box system and a transport and sleeping arrangement. Tailored to the needs of the target group, the furniture is very flexible and can be used in many situations. The lid of the boxes is made of a soft non-slip PE-foam. This material shall ensure that the boxes are not only easy to stack, but also provide a seat, table or lying surface. An opening on the side enables quick access to its contents. The tension belt can be used to secure the boxes as well as to convert the hand truck into a lounger or camping bed. Thereby the means of transport turns into a comfortable camp in no time. At the beginning of the journey, the luggage is placed in the boxes and loaded onto the hand truck. Once pushed to the car, the boxes are stowed in the trunk together with the hand truck. Here »Möbil« already creates a place to sleep. At the destination, the hand truck is equipped again and the adventure can begin.