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a project by
Michelle Ruhmke

Pour safely

Drinking is vital for every human being. It is part of our everyday life to be able to pour a drink. But what if one were to perform this seemingly simple task cannot cope independently? What if you are physically impaired is restricted? What’s it like when you have visual impairment or you’re even completely blind and cannot see the bottle, have no power to open it or your body trembles when pouring? These are problems that frequently occur in old age and could probably hit any one of us. But even people without disabilities – children for example – have difficulties with the pouring liquids. The aiming and hitting the vessel is obviously not always easy for everyone. »spill« promotes independence for children, senior citizens, visually impaired and people with Parkinson and minimises the risk of spilling liquids. This way you can make sure everything ends up where it’s supposed to. In addition, this aid not only increases the accuracy rate to a maximum, but also facilitates opening and closing a bottle.

I would especially like to thank all the people who have always supported me.
The picture rights are held by their creator: Michelle Ruhmke.