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spin the bottle – a protected space for sexual education

a project by
Nathalie Commandeur

An Informative App and Sharing Platform for Young People about Sexuality, Love and Physical Development

Teenagers spend a lot of time on their smartphones? That’s right.
Luckily we, the designers of smartphone applications, have a certain amount of control on what information is available to young users and how it is communicated. Sexual education is an important component in the education of young adolescents and lays the foundation for a responsible and conscious sexuality. But when it comes to address the topic concretely, many are confronted with uncertainty and feelings of shame. Moreover, in the age of the Internet the impression can arise that young people educate themselves independently and already know everything. There is a potential risk that incorrect information or unrealistic body images will be considered as the norm.

With my app, I would like to offer young people a platform where they can both exchange experiences and get answers to their questions in a playful and truthful way. The app operates as a virtual guide that both strengthens communication among young people and navigates through the individual emotional chaos.


I would like to thank everyone who supported me on the way to my bachelor thesis and thus had a positive influence on the process of my design. I would like to express special thanks to Ralf Bolhaar, social worker and social pedagogue, as the insights into his professional field of youth work have given me a lot of inspiration for my later implementation.