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the sound of crystals and lemons

a project by
Anna Milde &
Marie Bley

An Insight into the Diversity of Human Perception

The perception of each person is unique. Through events, fellow human beings and the personal environment, everyone gathers experiences shaping their perception. Thus not only the human being itself goes through a lifelong transformation, but also its perception. Yet, what do we actually know about the process of perception and how do others experience it?

With our master thesis we want to shed light on the unique characteristics and differences regarding perceptual deviations. After all, differences in perception imply diversity and various perspectives that stimulate an interesting and exciting exchange. However, they also require consideration for one another. Through an interactive exhibition concept we would like to enable visitors to experience three perceptual deviations: synaesthesia, high sensitivity and agnosia.

We as designers are able to make the unimaginable visible. But most importantly, we want to rob the word »perceptual DISORDER« of its power and encourage visitors to experience their own perception more consciously and to discover and celebrate the diversity of perception.